Use this story as inspiration to make up your own lines and scenery for our new Puppet Theatre

Most kids love to put on a good show. Dancing, singing, magic, theater; it doesn’t matter. If you are willing to be an audience member they’ll have a show to share.

It is beneficial for kids to practise the skill of storytelling. It is also important to practice social skills such as waiting for their turn, empathy and engagement when watching a play.

Of course, they can also get creative in crafting new puppets, props and scenery fitting their stories. Keep an eye on here and on for ideas and craft templates.




Use this story as inspiration to make up your own lines and scenery.

Puppets: Dragon, Unicorn, Bear, Fawn

The Little Dragon gets lost in the woods.

Here he meets the Shy Fawn, who is frightened by the dangerous dragon she has heard tales of.

She runs away to find her friend the Lazy Bear, who is comforting and strong to protect her.

Together they feel strong enough to go back and talk to the little dragon, who is miserable and wants to go back to his Dragon Mountain, but he does not know the way.

They must find a way to get up to the high mountains, but they seem scary and dark and too high to climb so for now they cuddle up and sleep together under the trees and a big mushroom.

The next day, they go to Rainbow Valley to ask their friend Darling Unicorn, if she can help finding the way to Dragon Mountain. She nods and shows them a fun path - they hop over the rainbow and the clouds to reach the dragons home at last.

Now they are all friends and learned that the dragon is not dangerous. They will from this day forward visit each other now and then to go on new adventures.

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