At the edge of the Enchanted Forest by the olive green trees, the children collect flower petals and herbs to mix elixirs, potions and flower perfumes.

Curiously, they will examine the collected flowers and pretend they have magic powers.
The Forest Elf, who cares for all forest creatures and knows the importance of protecting nature, will secretly help them and introduce the wonders of magic while doing so. He will lead us to a cosy hut deep in the forest, filled with rich colours, curiosities and collected goods giving a sense of homemade crafts, warmth and love.

After our adventures, we can cuddle up in colorful patchwork blankets and listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves and the animals of the forest

Pocket Friend - Bear

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Muslin Cloth - 2 Pack - Oak Leaf

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dragon rattle fabelab

Rattle - Dragon

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Shield & Sword

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