Activity Toys

Let your little one explore the imaginative world with unexplored planets, impressive spaceships, twinkling stars, stunning moonlight, friendly space creatures, and much more with our new Activity Toys🚀

The first time of the little ones life's are all about eating, sleeping and cuddle. As they grow they will develop an interest for the world and all it's beauty. A great start is to introduce your little one for fun and colourful toys. 

Fabelab's Activity Toys are perfect for tiny, curious baby hands. The Activity Toys do not only entertain the baby it also stimulate and develop children’s senses such as touching, tasting and listening. 

The Activity Toys are perfect for your baby to lay and take in her first colour impressions and to squeeze, and play. 

You can click it on to the baby gym, bed side or stroller and your little one will get hours of fun exploring the planets and all the beautiful colours and, fabric texture and captivating sounds. 


Activity Toy - Spaceship       Activity Toy - Sun



Activity Toy - Shooting Star     Activity Toy - Moon 


 Activity Toy - Planet





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