Meet Our 5 sweet coastal creatures, and get to know their story:

This year we follow the nature tales we have been sharing as we walk along the coast and fine new friends, new landscapes and new games to play. We look out to the sea and wave to a little mermaid perched on a rock. 

We watch the little Whitty Whale splashing water and play with the Seahorse Rattle, and The Octopus Rattle swimming in the surface enjoying the sun. All while the Puffin Tumbler observes us all from above.
Dream Friend Mermaid
 “Far out the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower and as clear as crystal, was the home of the little mermaid”, so begins the fairy tale of the famous Danish poet and author H.C. Andersen.
Today the little mermaid is still sitting on her rock at the harbour of our beautiful city Copenhagen, sitting in the moonlight watching ships sailing by, dreaming her own little dream…
Let this pretty mermaid be your little one´s first doll and let her stay as a beloved friend growing up.
Together these two can make up hundreds of new fairy tales, and create lovable memories.

Whitty Whale
Little, pretty Whitty Whale wants to play with his friends at the ocean. He sings and tumbles around, enjoying his element of water. Even though he is much bigger than the rest of the coastal team they all love him and enjoy his funny and playful approach to life.
This soft animal cushion can accompany your little one on his journey of discovery and will make sure to be protected against all kind of imaginary danger. 

Seahorse rattle
“Although they are fish, seahorses are not great swimmers. Seahorses prefer to rest in one area, sometimes holding on to the same coral or seaweed for days.”
This rattle has the cutest appearance and immediately speaks to the imagination to anyone looking at him. With all the details and cuteness he will be the best buddy to your baby, preferring to stay together forever!

Octopus rattle
“An octopus is the best gift you can give a newborn baby as the arms of the octopus simulates the umbilical cord in the belly of the mother”, says nurses and several medical research results.   
Our lovable octopus has 8 long arms with crinkle paper inside for the child to experience, play with and find comfort in.

The Puffin tumbler 
Say hello to Our sweet little Puffin all dressed up in his colourful suit.
He is a clumsy little sweetheart.
Due to the shape, the Fabelab puffin is made as a tumbler with tinkle bells inside, funny for the little ones to play with, try to put him up again and again and in that way practising the motor skills.

All materials are organic, CE tested and therefore completely safe for your baby put into the mouth and play with as babies do, which goes for all the products of Fabelab.

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