Fabelab has a wide range of products in different shades of blue. 

We love combining this season’s colours with the existing range, such as the warm earthy cinnamon paired with the fresh foggy blue or the deep and natural olive colour paired with the ever popular ochre.

Doll - Wizard

229 kr

Bathrobe - Blue Spruce

349 kr

Swaddle - 2 pack - Ocean

279 kr

Activity Blanket - Travel Size - Underwater

Sold Out

Dreamy Bedding foggy blue grownup

649 kr

Feeding Bib - Foggy Blue

129 kr

Muslin Cloth Marina Blue

Sold Out

Swaddle Marina Blue

Sold Out

Coated Bib- foggy blue

129 kr

Swaddle Blue Spruce

149 kr

Feeding Bib - Blue Spruce

129 kr

Ruffle Bib - Single - Blue Spruce

79 kr

Bedding - Blue Spruce - Grown Up

649 kr

Bedding - Blue Spruce - Junior

399 kr

Bedding - Blue Spruce - Baby

299 kr

Doll Bedding - Cloud

139 kr

Doll - Tooth Fairy w. pouch

Sold Out

Pocket Friend - Fairy - Blue Spruce

129 kr