Being sustainable is something we truly mean
Making a difference in the design is not everything – how the products are being brought to life is equally important! 

From the beginning the founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, has made an effort to keep an honest and sustainable approach to the design and production of the Fabelab collections, and as she says: “At Fabelab we believe that when it comes to sustainability every big and small step along the way helps to create a better planet for our kids” 
But the journey to a sustainable practice is no easy feat! 

For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials, ensuring proper treatment of workers, as well as the lifespan of the product, which is why we produce multi-functional products that grow with the child through manufacturers we respect. 

Our products are based on organic cotton and we try to fill our products with organic cotton or recycled polyester wherever possible but of course the washing and longevity of our products matter. We are proud that our small buddies and soft rattles are filled with corn fibre filling, which is the most well rounded natural option for washing and retaining the shape and life of the product.  
With plastic waste of top concerns in our industry, we are now only using sugarcane bags produced in Denmark. Our shipping pockets are also made from recycled film and are carbon neutral for all our own webshop orders. 

New Offcuts Collection
Even more sustainable initiatives have been made at Fabelab this year. 

We are beyond excited to announce that we, in collaboration with our faithful and skilled GOTS certified Indian suppliers, have chosen to reuse the fabric residues of our own productions and turn them into beautiful unique products. We provide ideas and drawings for the products and they let us know how much of which colour we have to work with. We call it the Offcuts Collection and since the small unique products will be made from the fabric that is left, no two pieces are alike. Each piece is assorted and a collective item. 

Sustainability as a design process
We believe in slow-fashion, not fast-fashion.

When we say our products are timeless, we refer to our process of being conscious of not just the quality, but the colour schemes from each collection, ensuring they match the previous and upcoming collections colours. This way, you can keep the pieces from previous collections and pair them with our upcoming ones. 
Another way we define timeless, is by creating multi purpose designs. Our playmats can be used by kids of all ages, even just a stable for the whole household. Our Swaddles, which are often first used to swaddle the baby, can later be used as a fashionable scarf for the older kids. 

As with our new Offcuts collection, we do not believe in throwing the packaging away. We want children to use their imagination, get creative and make playful things out of what others might just throw away. That is why we currently have several DIY packaging tutorials on our minimakers website. 
Michaela’s future vision is that all of our packaging will contain a creative way to be reused by the kids. 

Every day we think about what we can do even better than the day before, and what changes we can make in the direction of transforming Fabelab into becoming 100% sustainable. 
We want to help the world to become a better place for our children and the next generations to come to grow up in - this is our biggest dream for the future!